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Monday, January 19, 2015

Venus in Fur... I wouldn't miss it, if I were you...

I got to take in the Dress Rehearsal of Venus in Fur at the Citadel on Friday night.  I cannot wait to go see it again (actually, I will have to wait, but I have the tickets and it's marked on the calendar). It's so funny.  Alana Hawley blew me out of the water and Jamie Cavanagh is the perfect counter-part to her roller coaster ride.

I was captured from start to finish and laughed so much more than I expected.  I read the script. I knew it was funny - smart funny - but I had no idea how much I would laugh seeing it live on the stage.  It's very sexy, very clever, and it will catch you off-guard. It caught me off guard and I even knew what was coming.

It's a 90 minute wild ride - I suggest you book now and be prepared to buckle up...

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