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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Odysseo - More Magic and Horses with Cavalia!

This past week I got to experience the magic of Cavalia once again, this time with there new show, Odysseo.  I took Gibson this time, as Oliver got to see it last year and Gibson was quite devastated that he missed out.  Gibson and I got the royal treatment as we experienced the VIP experience which included a lavish buffet supper, haagen-dazs ice cream, champagne, popcorn and a dessert buffet at intermission.  It was truly a VIP experience and Gibson was over the moon to get not one, but two, chocolate chunk ice-creams!  At first we could not find seats, but a lovely couple of women invited us to join their table.  The Buffet is aimed more at adults, but there were enough items for Gibson to enjoy (he's crazy for shrimp and hummus) so we both were well looked after. Our seats were fantastic and looking at the floor map, I would recommend the Red to Gold seats for a great view.  Red, Pink and Purple are all VIP seating, but the Gold is not for those of you who just want to see the show.  I looked around though, and although some seats are marked as obstructed view, I can't imagine there is a bad seat in that house.  We were certainly spoiled in the centre, but they do a terrific job playing to the whole house.

The show is wonderful!  It's hard for me not to compare it to Cavalia.  I preferred this show as there was a little more variety to it and the tumbling group from West African added a spark and humour that lifted it even more.  Bear in mind, I really enjoyed Cavalia, it's just hard not to compare! It's a circus, but a very high end circus.  It's amazing what these performers can do, both human and animal.  Sometimes they make it look so easy that it is only afterwards that you realize what they did and how incredibly difficult it was. When the West African Tumblers first come in and all of them do 10-20 backflips in a row across the stage it left me open-mouthed in glee!  Gibson kept turning to me yelling, "This is Awesome! Thank you! Thank you for bringing me!" I am pretty sure the tumblers were his favorite.  I had a few favourite moments: I loved the humour of the tumblers, especially with the addition of the high jumpers (you have to see these contraptions they wear!); I could have watched the Carousel forever, it was so beautiful and awe-inspiring; the hoop work blew me out of the water; speaking of water, well, I don't want to spoil it, but it's pretty incredible.  So many wonderful moments.  Hard to count them all.  The horses are still the stars, but they seem to get a little more of a break this show.  I am still so impressed with what they can do. Such smart, talented animals.

Odysseo runs in Edmonton until August 12th. Prices range from $40-$240 depending on seats and package. There are also lower prices for accompanied children.

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