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Monday, June 02, 2014

Jazz and Babies! The Jazz Mother at Teatro La Quindicina

I had a fun time this past Thursday at the Varscona for Opening Night of The Jazz Mother presented by Teatro La Quindicina. We were greeted in the lobby by a server with champagne flutes and what followed was a laughter-filled evening.  My date, @stuporstar, was the perfect choice.  She confessed to me that the first play she had ever seen was a Teatro Show (Fall Down Go Boom! A Skater's Tragedy in 1996) and she was so excited to be there.  She has also requested  a remount of said show as it was the beginning of a love-affair with theatre for her. After seeing The Jazz Mother, I can see how Teatro is the perfect first introduction to theatre.  It's witty, clever, and quirky with just the right amount of ridiculous. Each of the three actors (Jocelyn Ahlf, Mat Busby, and Kristi Hansen) bring charm, excellent comic-timing, and likability to the stage.  Busby is endearing as the owner of the boarding house, hopelessly in love with his tenant Enid. Hansen, as the nurse Enid, is hilarious.  Her delivery of the line "I'm trash." almost killed me. And it's hard to imagine anyone but Ahlf being able to pull off Bobby Romayne, the titular character.  Her audition/monologue is simply brilliant.  Don't expect anything too deep here - this is a show to just relax and have fun with! Have a glass of champagne and enjoy the singing, the romance, and the ridiculousness that ensues!

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