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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nevermore - Gothic Ghoulish Goodness Onstage!

Well, last night I FINALLY saw Catalyst Theatre's Nevermore and I do have to say it was well worth the wait!  It was visually stunning, musically & choreographically interesting and well-executed, and a compelling story.  I knew very little about Edgar Allan Poe other than being familiar with a  few of his stories, but it didn't really matter, it wasn't necessary to know anything to be draw into the performance.  It was such a wonderfully complete world.  Tightly performed by an ensemble of 7 actors who, outside of Scott Shpeley as Poe, switched characters with the exchange of a hat or skirt or jacket.  They all took turns as narrator and transitioned seamlessly from one to another.  Everyone was simply wonderful.  I love, love, loved the design by Bretta Gerecke
.  I loved the little details in the flick of a foot by two characters to punctuate, and the ways they each chose to create different characters with a change of voice or laugh or simply the way they held themselves. It's not a happy tale, although there are moments of laughter, but it is one of those shows where you are simply mesmerized.  Some of my favorite moments/characters were Vanessa Sanbourin as the gifted actress Eliza Poe, Beth Graham's exuberant Fanny Allan, Ryan Parker's singing when he was narrating, Shannon Blanchet's kisses when she played Elmira Royster, and  Shpeley as Poe through the whole thing.  His tortured dancing as he deals with the rough hand he's dealt again and again is gorgeous. It's a sad life that Poe lived, but Catalyst has made it look and sound so beautiful.

I'm going back again in a week and a half.  I had great seats this time, but I am actually hoping to sit a little bit higher to see the panorama of the stage better.  The sound is done beautifully (sometimes a challenge in the Westbury, but they have it perfect and crisp) so I think it will be great to see from further back.

Nevermore runs to March 2nd at the Westbury Theatre.


Anonymous said...

Finally I'm figuring out how to comment on a blogspot blog with a wordpress account (maybe that's new?) and I have nothing to add that you haven't already said.

Just, yeah, now I know why people were always talking about Nevermore, and I hope to be able to see this production again too.

Finster said...

I missed it the last two times it was in town having had a show up both times, so it was wonderful to finally see it. It was the third Catalyst production I have seen and my favorite so far. I still want to see Frankenstein, so I cross my fingers for a remount of that one!