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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Work Takes Over My Life... In a Good Way...

A month ago I started my new job at the Citadel Theatre as the Marketing Administrator.  This shift in my life had some major implication primarily in regards to child care and balancing all the things I do.  I have tried to cut back a bit.  This meant fewer than usual Fringe shows, but still a respectable amount (16!). It also meant more camps for the kids and some crazy driving to pick them up on time and a discovery of being very tired and not being able to stay up to watch the Colbert Report. 

The best news, however, is that I really like my job.  It has a lot of different tasks for me, which I love, because I hate being bored. Right now the learning curve is steep but not insurmountable so I feel engaged and good about my ability to pick things up.  Today I got my first Playbill Proof and it feels good to see it all come together.  I will never look at another Citadel Theatre Playbill in the same way after this.  I never realized the number of people involved, nor the coordination required to make sure it's perfect and complete. I really like the people I am working with.  Everyone has been great with answering questions and helping me figure things out. An added bonus is that I have run into quite a few other friends from long ago that occasionally work in the building. This month is going to get crazier for me.  It has meant that I have had to get really, really organized for the other upcoming things in my life (Proof at Walterdale), and while I am normally really organized for the shows I direct I will have to be a little less flexible on schedules because I simply do not have the room in my life schedule to have more options for rehearsals. I am currently booking auditions and we are up to 48 people for 4 roles.  It's going to be tough to cast this, but in a good way.

Anyhow, it's a great adventure.  I am so looking forward to the first play up on deck, Long Day's Journey Into Night, a script I have loved since I first read it 22 years ago.  Now that I have done more research on it I am amazed that O'Neill managed to write such a perfect script without the benefit of ever seeing it staged (it was published posthumously and he never intended for it to be produced). It is a true testament to his genius. The cast is also terrifically perfect so I couldn't be happier!

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