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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Great Meeting - Great People to Work With!

Today I had a great meeting with Tracy Carroll from APN.  I am working with Tracy in a variety of capacities.  She and Brian Dooley are dramaturges for Walterdale Playhouse's From Cradle to Stage Festival so I have been lucky to work with her for 3 of the past four years - primarily coordinating, but pleased none the less with getting to know her and having her work with the playwrights. I am also working with Tracy to coordinate a Partnership with APN and Walterdale.  Exciting stuff and I am really looking forward to the kinds of things we can bring to the membership.

Of course, we talked of many things.  These kinds of meetings are what I love about Edmonton and it's Arts Scene.  There are so many talented and skilled people who are so willing to share information and feedback and just talk about things going on.  Tracy is working with Skirts Afire on their upcoming festival, as well as with the ADFA (Alberta Drama Festival Association).  She was a great resource to hear information from and beyond the meat and potatoes of our meeting I left feeling inspired and grateful for the conversation. 

I have had this feeling in many places in the Edmonton Arts Scene.  The recent Edmonton Theatre Meet-Up during Canoe festival had that same spirit of sharing and community.  At the meet-up were people of a variety of different levels but everyone was welcome and everyone shared.  It made for a great discussion. I find this same spirit with the discussions we have on the Theatre Alberta and APN Boards.  I am so glad to be able to have these sharing and learning opportunities.

I wrote this because so often I feel very insecure and isolated when I am working on things and it is meetings like the one today that remind me that there are people that are very willing to talk to me about things.  That these people are also so incredibly positive and knowledgeable and talented makes it all the better. So I guess this post is just a reflection on gratitude for all the fabulous people I have met in the Edmonton Arts Community.  I hope that I can be the same sounding board and cheerleader and resource for other people.

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