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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Can't You Do?!?

Sometimes I wish I was back in my early to mid twenties - not so I would be younger and thinner, although that would be nice - but because of all the things there are to do in Edmonton that would be easier to do if I didn't have the responsibilities of my middle aged life (kids, house, rehearsals, work, need for sleep, etc...).  This weekend there was a plethora of events.  I hope that you managed to make it to something.  You certainly cannot say that there was 'nothing to do'!

This weekend alone featured Nextfest, Pride Parade, Sprouts Festival, Rubaroo, and the Open Sky Festival.  I know about all of these from my FB Feed because I had many friends going to one or more of these events. Sprouts Festival (Concrete Theatre) is on again today sou just like if you have little ones or if you like new work for children you can still check it out. Nextfest runs until the 17th so you have not missed it either.  You may have missed the Pride Parade, but Edmonton Pride also runs until the 17th so I am sure there are many events you can still catch! I believe the Rubaroo is a Festival, as well, and not over.  I am searching for a link but haven't found one yet.  When I do I will pop it up here!  You have to act fast for the Open Sky Music Festival as today is the last day, but you can still check it out.

In addition to these special events you can still catch the last performance of Shadow Theatre's Little Elephants at their matinee today, or Chicago at the Mayfield (which runs for another week).
This is just what I know about.  I am sure there are more things.  I will be ensconced in Walterdale theatre for most of the day so I will not be able to, but I encourage you all to go out and see stuff!  Don't be bored! There is no excuse. 

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