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Monday, April 02, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea...

This week will be all about Titanic. I have been to about 2/3 of the rehearsals (whenever Gibson is called) and have enjoyed seeing this show come together. It's a hybrid In-Concert production with costumes and some blocking. There will not be an actual ship on stage (Gibson was wondering about that). It's been a great experience as a mother to see him integrate with the cast and the show experience and since he is the only kid it has been so good to see the cast welcome him and engage with him. I thought I would share some of my favourite moments of the show (outside the moments when my child is in scenes as those obviously are my absolute favourites!). These favourites shift from run to run, but overall, these are the ones that stand out.

#1 - Kyle Thulien singing No Moon - His voice is lovely and so suited to this mood-filled song. Every time he starts singing it I have to stop what I am doing and watch. I love the whole song as it leads into the scenes of other passengers just prior to the crash. It reminds us how human they all were.

#2 - Gerald Mason and Pat MacKeage singing Still - I think it is because they don't want the cute 7 1/2 year old to get all the awwwww moments that these two have really committed to creating the 'most heart-wrenching moment of the show', but this piece will break hearts. The two of them are beautifully committed to the song and each other and it's a gorgeous moment on the stage.

#3 - Gary Carter, Morgan Smith and Neil Johnson singing The Blame - I love this song and these three guys are so good in the singing and the acting of the piece. It also has this Sondheim-like quality to it that I like. But the three of them balance it really well, each holding their own. It's a tough song that they totally make work.

#4 - The Third Class passengers singing Lady's Maid - There's a wonderful ensemble feel to this song as they dream about their new lives in America. Joyful and fun and sad because we know they will not all make it.

There are many other wonderful moments, these are just what stand out for me today - it changes every time I see and hear it. Gibson has totally different favourites (he loves Doing the Latest Rag). Yesterday I got to hear the whole sound as they added the orchestra and the choir and I can't wait to hear it in the Winspear on Wednesday!

We caught The Blue Man Group as part of the Broadway Across Canada this weekend. A fun show, and about what expected. I don't need to see them again, but I could go if I was in Vegas and looking for a show. I did wish I had had 2 martinis at dinner because I think that would have made it even better, but like I said, I had fun. All this theatre training made me recognize it for what it was: A Clown Show. Really, that's what they are - a modern day clown show that builds their turns around technology and percussion. It's very clean, funny, silly and very, very loud. The best bits were audience participation ones (whether individual or whole audience) and it really had a slick feel to it. Fun, light, loud and commercial.

* Blue Man Group is #13 in my 2012 theatre goal

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