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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Another Busy Week... Auditions, a Final Exam, 2 BBall games and a Funeral...

This week has been jam packed for me. The top end of the week has three nights of auditions for New Works. I am directing the lovely Bevin Dooley's script, The Playmates. Four directors settled down to watch 74 auditioners over three evenings. We saw so many good actors. At the end I had 11 possibilities for Clare, 8 possibilities for Rose and 4 possibilities for Edmund. It came down to schedules and who I thought would fit together best, but I think I have a nice solid cast (If I don't, after 74 auditioners I only have myself to blame!). The morning after auditions I went in early to have a final rehearsal with my group for my Drama 257 Final Presentation. It went well. We made some good choices in cutting the script to made the scene arc stronger and I felt good about my performance and the whole group's work. I think I did well.

Oliver had an added basketball practice on Thursday and then a game on Friday night and one first thing Saturday morning. Both games were tight with nice competitive play. Friday we were missing the head coach and 2 players. I think if he had been there we would've won the game. Saturday was very close with the lead going back and forth. We probably should've won, but the other team had enough for 3 lines whereas we only have 2 lines and I think that made the difference. Eight of our guys played the night before and you could see they were tired. However, Oliver got named Game Monster by the coach and got to bring home a ball for the week! He played really well in both games. He really started playing like an athlete and showed real intelligence on the court. That combined with his 'hugeness' (he is so tall compared to the other kids) made for some nice playing. It was cool to see him snatch the ball out of the air above the heads of the other kids.

However, this week Mark's best friend's father passed away. So, he headed down to Olds for the Wake on Saturday. That meant it was me and the boys. The snow came down so we were/are content to camp out inside. I made cupcakes last night and filled the house with the smell of chocolate cake. I attacked the huge pile of laundry and 4 loads later I finally have the last of it in the washing machine. At least when I leave it so long I can really sort colours! Ha ha ha! Classes end this week and I hope to get on top of the miasma that is the inside of my house. Christmas is coming and I am not ready!

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