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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling Artistically Full... In a Good Way...

Tonight I started learning my Mrs. Peachum music for The Threepenny Opera. It went fast and it's all recorded for practice in the car and it felt so very, very good to sing again. I felt like I was slipping on an old favorite coat that I had stuck in the closet but hadn't worn for a while. It felt good. It's just the learning stage - getting familiar with the notes and the words and the tempos and all that and I have by no means mastered the songs, but it still felt good.

All in all I am having a good week artistically. I am so pleased with Rabbit Hole and where we are at and what I am seeing. We were off book for Act one last night and it was really very good. A month out and off book and even though 'line' was called, it was all present and there was some really powerful emotional stuff happening. I am searching for the balance for my actors of making sure they have enough rehearsal to be ready while not over-working them so that they are emotionally exhausted. We have tread slowly through this script for a reason. It is a big journey for all of them and I have a cast of perfectionists who will beat themselves up. I don't want them to do that. I want to give them the time and the tools so they are ready to handle it. The script requires immense emotional commitment so I need to help them separate so they are not burnt out. I have ideas for that. But I am, for now, happy with where we are at and looking forward to next Monday when we are off book for Act Two and then we just massage this puppy.

This weekend I will be meeting with Anne Marie to discuss the Fringe spot. I need to put some time into seeing what I have to bring as options for us. I have a couple of pieces in progress and some ideas outside my own work and something I have written a lot of *in my head* that I need to get out. I have until Sunday. I should be feeling rushed on this, but I don't. I know that she has some things too, and between the two of us we will find something we want to do.

I just feel blessed to have so much filling me artistically right now. I am lucky.

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Annemarie said...

I feel the same way - physically. :)

I started training with a new trainer at the gym (my girl moved to Australia). By training I mean boxing. And it's been great - a challenge, but not too much so.

And I've been taking in some yoga classes - some deep restorative ones which really get me all stretched out and others that move more.

Finally, I ended up doing some training with my colleague here - the fellow I used to share an office with. He's a muay thai expert - he's only 5'2" and really really quick. We worked out yesterday morning (one of us holding the focus mitts and the other throwing punches) and it was hilarious and fantastic. I was trying to keep up with him and it was exhausting.

Your entry just resonated with how I feel on a completely different plane....