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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mia Mouth! Ow!

Well, I am trying to get back on track health wise and one of the things I am doing is getting to the Dentist after a long hiatus (longer than it should have been). I also have to get in to my doctor for a physical, but that'll be another story. So today I got a check-up and the first half of a cleaning. I have to go back for the other half on Friday. I will also have to get my Wisdom Tooth extracted, a crown on a tooth I chipped 3 months ago and probably another crown and 2 old, old fillings replaced before they fall out. Lots and lots of fun! Of course I am doing this on my University Health Plan so it's all reimbursement and I only get a small percentage back. Sigh. So much for free health care. Well, it is better I deal with it before it gets worse. I just wish I had gotten the wisdom tooth out years ago when I kept asking about it. The Dentist at the time kept saying it wasn't urgent, but back then I was on a better plan... it probably would have cost me less. Well, maybe, I don't know. But alas! Anyhow, I expect a few months of a painful mouth until this priority work is done and then I will rest before getting the other things done.

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