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Thursday, October 01, 2009

I feel like a fireman....

I've spent so much time this week putting out fires... I can't really talk about it, but I would get a lot more done if I didn't have to deal with arising issues...


Annemarie said...

Hey Kristen -'ll have to let me know what issues you're facing - I saw a similarily cryptic post on Facebook. I hope everything's ok.

So, I think I've talked to you before in general terms about blogging and why people do it and what reactions they're looking for. I follow this Personal Finance blog and there's this one post that I finally had to comment on.

Here is the link:

I'm Anonymous commenting as posts number 14 & 16 (on Oct 5).

I'm still puzzling out how I feel about this whole blogosphere and the interactions between strangers that occur as a result (I feel weirded out just by posting a comment, much less writing an actual blog entry) so I thought I'd send it to you so that we could chat about it sometime. (If I were a talented writer; complimented say, by a Noble Prize Winning author; I would write about my feelings. But I'm not).


Finster said...

Everything is okay. Sometimes it just gets TOO busy and people don't realize that their 'one little problem' is actually one of ten that I might be dealing with. I am breathing easier now and just trying hard to do MY job, and let other people take responsibility for doing or not doing theirs. I did some of this to myself by taking on Sweeney at this tiem of year. I will live and learn! Let's hope, anyhow.