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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fringe is Done - I am exhausted

We finished up today. The show went well. I now will go away and rewrite and fix the sections that need tightening and general 'fixing'. There are a few places. After the show I rounded out my Fringe experience by going to The Wedding Ruiner. It was very funny and a nice light way to end my Fringe. I needed the laughs. I liked the concept and especially the poetry and rap. I did want a little more Chicken Dance, but who doesn't?

Earlier in the week I saw Bashir Lazhar and really liked that piece. I would love to be able to produce that level of work someday. I was in awe of how clean it was conceptually. Everything was right. I am so glad they got into holdovers. They got great turn-outs and they deserved it. I also saw Addition and I was very entertained by it. I wasn't sure going in if I was going to relate to it, but it was very funny and well directed and performed. I laughed a lot and thought it was a great piece.

I am pleased to say that even though I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked, I did get to see a pretty good sampling. Even the shows I was tough on in my reviews were worth it. Every piece I saw, even if I wanted more, had something to recommend it. I saw some phenomenal actors and some really good new writing. How lucky I am to live in this city.

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