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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The end of my rope...

I have two children. Two wonderful boys. Two very different boys. When Ollie came along, I understood him from day one. I knew when he was hungry. I knew when he was poopy. I knew when he just wanted to snuggle. As he got older I had struggles with him, but most of the time I still knew what he was thinking. I couldn't necessarily make him behave, but I could read his emotion or rationale for his behaviour. Then Gibby came along. From the beginning he was a bit of a mystery. It took me longer to figure out what he needed. I didn't have that instant connection that I did with Oliver. It could be that he was just different and I was using all my tools from the Ollie toolbox and they weren't gonna work with Gib. So I learned. But I have yet to figure him out in the same way I feel I know Ollie. The past few days have been really tough with him. Friday he had 6 meltdowns - super irrational melt-downs. Monday he wailed for 45 minutes at gymnastics. Today, he has had three crying fits. All of them are sparked by 'stupid stuff'... things that can't be helped (the teacher at gymnastics was new, Ethan was playing with Marcus, he had to have dessert after lunch) and I was and continue to be frustrated with his reaction. This is relatively new. He has been a pretty easy kid for most of the year, but this last week is driving me nuts. Hopefully I'll figure him out a little bit soon.

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