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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I feel exhausted! However, I am geared up at the same time. I have been through a week and a half of September and it is rolling along. The big thing with this time of year is figuring out exactly how the days are going to play out. With the boys participating in swimming, drama, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, preschool, daycare and school it can get a little hectic just managing them. With 'my' stuff thrown into the mix my life gets uber-complicated! I am on the Walterdale Board, am singing at the 50th Anniversary Gala, am auditioning for a show, am taking a University Drama class, am hoping to write, and trying to workout on a regular basis and trying to keep the household running (as smoothly as can be expected). I am also meeting to see about joining another theatre board. Mark's life also has some events that have to be coordinated. Anyhow, I have made it through one complete week cycle and it is good to now have an idea of what to expect. I hope that next week is easier because I will know what is coming.

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