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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bouncing Back

Today I felt so much better. I think the marathon sleep on Saturday night and the really good sleep last night helped. So I cleaned my kitchen. That felt good. And I made a big casserole type meal that can be frozen for future days when I don't feel like making anything. That felt good. I also went to Safeway, in the snow - brrr, and stocked up on things but avoided impulse 'bad food'. That felt good. Oliver got 10 stickers in school today (the max is 4 - so it must have been an awesome day). That felt really good. Especially to see his face when he counted them. He was just delighted. I worked a little on my novel, which is over the 50,000 word hurdle but now needs to be finished. That felt good. I will do more on that later tonight. I also wrote and sent in a letter to the Journal in response to the editorial on daycare. That felt good. I know not everyone may share my opinions on this, but it rubs me the wrong way for someone to say they are arguing for everyone to have daycare when it is really because they want it. Why punish those who don't have their kids in daycare by making them pay for you putting yours in (via taxes)? It's not fair if it's only fair for one group of people, no matter how hard you argue. Oh well, don't get me started... Let's end on a good note. It is good not to feel like crap anymore.

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