Two Very Different Things I Saw...

This weekend, despite being sick, I went out to see some art.

The first thing I went to was The Drowsy Chaperone at the Citadel on Friday night. It was our Anniversary do-over, since the first 'date' had to be scrapped back in August. It was delightful! I was so very pleased with it. Earlier in the month I had a chance to see it for free, but because of rehearsals I was unable to go. I didn't even mind paying full price for the tickets. I had heard about the show a few years ago, but other than the number "Show Off" that I saw at the Tony's a few years back I had no real knowledge of the show. Everyone I know who saw it said it was good, and I was so pleased that it fulfilled my expectations! It said what I believe about musicals. A lot of people write them off as fluff, but what is wrong with a little fluff to make you feel good? And everyone was soooo good. They were a true ensemble and each had their moments and no one was phoning it it. Simply wonderful. This has warmed my heart about The Citadel, because in the past few years I have been disappointed a bit by them. I have seen many a show where the show itself did not live up to the production values so evident on stage (I know I missed some winners in there - I didn't see Vimy and I hear that was phenomenal), but this was just great! I even got a little teary at the end!

The other thing I went to was Beartrap, a new film by Highwire Films. It was on at Metro Cinema. I was so very impressed with the work on the screen. I know how little these guys have to work with in terms of financial resources and they manage to make a small amount of cash look like so much more on screen. I am impressed with them, because they don't sit around and say "we can't do it - we don't have the money", instead they find a way and beg and borrow and do the work and get the film done. This is their third feature length film and they just keep getting better and better. I hope that they get some granting or other source of funds to support their next project. I know I gush a bit. I taught so many of the people in the film and for me I am so impressed that they are doing what they are doing, but not surprised. They were like that in high school. I often say that the kids I taught in the late 90s and early 00s were the ones who inspired me to start writing. They just did it and they still do. I figured if they could do it, I had no excuses not to try myself.


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