My throat hurts. It felt a little hoarse yesterday, but I thought that was just 2 very late nights at Walterdale (Friday - getting ready for the Open House and AGM, and Saturday - the actual Open House and AGM). I wasn't worried until this morning. Now, just after supper and I am in quite a bit of pain. I am supposed to rehearse Sweeney and my number for the Sweeney Fundraiser tomorrow. I will dose myself with Tylenol and Ibuprofen and hope for the best. The song I am doing is a big sing, and tomorrow may be the only chance I get to rehearse before the Fundraiser so I do not want to waste it.

The Open House and AGM went really well. We estimated 100-200 people through the Open House. I don't know who counted, but someone threw those numbers out. I think we were closer to the 100 figure, but it was quite busy between 12:30 and 2:30 so who knows? We handed out many, many season brochures and Jimmy Dean Flyers so hopefully the personal touch sells a few tickets. I was pleased with the AGM. The Musical Season Announcement went over very well and from my perspective everything ran very smoothly. A couple of tense questions from the floor but we answered. The questions were tense because they implied 'the Board' is not doing much for the theatre and I really don't know how I could work much harder without neglecting my children and business. I am invested in Walterdale, so when someone questions my dedication I kind of get my back up. It was likely not personal, but even as a group I know that we work hard. That kind of attitude of ingratitude is what makes people quit. When you know you have been working really hard and someone come sup and just lists all the things you haven't done and the mistakes you've made, it kind of makes you feel like 'what is the point?'. Anyhow, it was a good evening and I know what is going on and what I am doing, so I am going to just enjoy the success of the day.


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