Spring Break... lifus interuptus...

Spring Break ends tonight. Tomorrow it is back to school, back to pre-school and back to activities. I enjoyed not having to drive around so much, but I really didn't find it much of a break for me. After picking up the same toys about 10 times in one week (note - more than once per day) I began to long for the school day. It also interfered with my accomplishing all my goals for the week. I did get some done. All requests for Rights have gone in and 2 are confirmed. Samuel French has received the other 3 requests but they say 2-4 weeks for review and approval. I am not worried about any of the requests, however, I do want it done so that the season can be announced and I can move onto the next phase of planning - budget!

I went to 2 plays this past week. DeathTrap at Walterdale and Roberto Zucco at Studio Theatre (U of A - The Timm's). Both had their strengths and weaknesses and they were two very different plays. As to DeathTrap, I enjoyed the evening. It was a bit slow to start, but once it got rolling I found it very engaging. Francie as the Dutch Psychic was a stand-out. I did wish for quicker scene changes as I found they caused the flow to start and stop, but it was Opening Night and usually those things get much faster as the run progresses. I worked box-office for the show last night and was very pleased to have only 10 tickets left as the house went in. Yay! Roberto Zucco was a completely different animal. You could tell the actors on stage were overall very strong (although not evenly so... some stood out as stronger than others - Blythe Haynes comes to mind), however, I really struggled with this one. The show is challenging in content and structure so it is hard for an audience to connect with it. I figure that is likely why there was no intermission in the 2 hour show. I think that if there was one a lot of the house would have left. It was violent and disconnected and strangely dispassionate. And I think that is exactly what the Director was going for. Not my cup of tea, but probably very appealing for some. I did love the set and the costuming and they used the set very well. There was also some tremendous physical movement, but all in all it was not something I would necessarily send anyone to.


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