Happy Egg Day...

Tomorrow is Easter. We will be celebrating with family who I must admit are a bit more religious than we are. We have periodically talked to our children about Jesus and Christmas and Easter and what they are supposed to mean so that they might have an idea of why we have these celebrations, but we haven't done too much formal education with regards to religion. Now that they are getting older I am struggling with what to do about this. I feel like we live in a Christian culture (particularly with regards to our family culture), but although I feel spiritual, I am not religious. I wish there were ecumenical classes for kids so that I could put them in those, but I think even that would have more potential to be confusing. I just want to raise my kids to be good people without the shroud of religion to guide that. I also want them to respect that some people (like most of our family) are very religious and that it is okay that they are that way and that we are not. It's a challenge.

We shall eat chocolate eggs and have a nice ham dinner with lots of salads and it will all be fine. I was just thinking about this...


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