Word of Mouth - Sunday, August 14 2022 - Destination Fringe!

Another Fringe Day, another list of shows that were recommended to me by people I chatted with in lines! I talked to a wide demographic today, from 14 years to 60+ years, first time fringers and long-time fringers, and I think that's reflected in the recommendations I received! 

Remember, if you have a Word of Mouth recommendation (shows you have seen that you really liked!) pop it in the comments!

Chase Padgett: Lucky Break
The Walk in the Snow: The True Story of Lise Meitner
For Science
Ally Anne
Shot in the Dark
Hacking and Slashing
Juliet: A Revenge Comedy
The Flying Detective
Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany
Jesus Teaches Us Things
Ride the Cyclone
Drag Me to the Opera
Epidermis Circus

I'm off to see three more shows today! If you want tickets to any of the above, you can purchase them HERE. Some of these are selling out and selling fast so don't delay (for example, a friend was going to join me for Ride the Cyclone last night but they waited to buy and it was sold out so they couldn't join me.)


broadwaybarb said…
Disney Delusion

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