Word of Mouth - Monday, August 15 - Fringe 2022

We're starting to get a few repeats! That's awesome! If you still aren't sure what to see at the Fringe this year, this list was curated by asking random strangers (and some folks that although they might be a bit strange, I would actually call them friends) who I met in line-ups and asking them what they've seen that I should go check out! 

Juliet: a Revenge comedy

The Flying Detective 

The Ladies of Jazz

The Dreamer's Cantata

Ten (The Show)

Dirk Darrow: Magic of Future Past

Blueberries are Assholes

SqueezeBox Cabaret: Divas

Disney Delusion

Suor Angelica

Josie and Grace


Marv and Berry

A Life, with Surprises (and Songs)

Iago vs Hamlet



Crack in the Mirror

Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls

Chase Padgett: Lucky Break

Salsa Lesson

Generic Male: Just What We Need Another Show About Men

As always, if you have other recommendations, please feel free to add them to the comments! I'm working my way through a few of these and hope you can find some cool stuff to see from this list OR use the Fringe's magic Eight Ball to help you choose!

Tickets can be purchased online HERE. 


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