Overlap! Knee deep in two major projects, attending read-thorugh for the next one tonight!

So, despite my desire to slow down this season, I did not... clearly... I am directing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for ELOPE which runs May 16 - June 1 at La Cite Francophone and I am Coordinating and am Production Manager (and set-designing and painting) for Walterdale's Annual From Cradle to Stage festival of new one act plays which runs May 20 - 25 at Walterdale with a Playwright Workshop on the 26th.  So if you look at those dates you can probably figure out why I might get cranky over the next few weeks... So far so good. I think I have managed to hold myself together despite numerous hiccups primarily concerning ridiculous arising scheduling conflicts with the first one and some minor communication issues with the second.  Everything is delightfully on track and barring any further complications I should survive May! With my set painting I am ahead of schedule due to some terrific volunteers who came out to help me and that is very nice as it meant I could do a few other things today instead of going in to the theatre.

Anyhow, tonight I get to dip my toe in the waters of my next project.  I have been asked to direct a Fringe show - Death Comes to Auntie Norma!  Tonight we have a read-through so that I can hear the play aloud and so that the playwright (Zack Siezmagraff) can revisit it before he writes his next draft.  I am looking forward to meeting the entire cast and hearing the play so that I can let it percolate in my brain under the surface before we start really working on it in June. Should be fun!


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