I Really Should Be Sleeping... But I'm not... We Open T-O-M-O-R-R-O-W

What a fun night!  We had the ELOPE Board of Directors come and watch the show tonight and some of them participated as audience volunteers so we would have a practice run before Opening and it was so much fun.  The energy give and take from them allowed me to see the show through new eyes, which is not easy to do after living with it for so long. I spent a bit of time tweaking light cues so that they were as good as what was happening onstage, but for the most part I just enjoyed it.  It was great to have four volunteers onstage who didn't know what was coming and a good 8-10 people in the house enjoying the Bee!  It's why you do Previews.  I think it was really good for the actors to hear the laughs and feel what that felt like before we face our first ticketed audience tomorrow night.


Goodbye! Goodbye!
I have wisely left myself time tomorrow to rest and get ready.  I do have to do a little shopping.  For those of you who know me, I am a bit of a show gift weirdo (in a good way) and I have a few more to get.  I was going to do this dictionary theme, but I think because everyone has a computer now it is actually very hard to find many pocket dictionaries.  Why buy a book when you can type a word into Google?  Anyhow, I have rebooted my show gift plans and it will all be lovely!  So I can sleep in a bit, write cards and do a little shopping.  My mom is watching the boys so Mark will be in attendance so that is nice!  

Anyhow, here are a couple more fabulous photos from Janine Hodder from our Tuesday night Dress Rehearsal!

Barfee (Curtis Knecht) at the Mic!
Pandemonium - The Best Speller won't necessarily win!


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