A Couple of Christmas Theatrical Experiences!

Over the holidays, I managed to take in a few shows.  Early in the season I saw A Christmas Carol and She Loves Me, which I talked about in earlier posts. To keep the momentum going, I also took in The Best Little Newfoundland Christmas Pageant Ever  presented by Whizgiggling Productions at the Backstage Theatre and then Jack and the Beanstock (a pantomime) at Capitol Theatre in Fort Edmonton Park. Both were a lot of fun.  We took the boys to The Best Little Newfoundland Pageant Ever and I was so glad we did.  They giggled and laughed and had a great time watching this show. It's a wonderful story about a Christmas Pageant taken over by a family of troublemakers.  As the pageant comes together those problem children both learn and teach in a way that is simply hilarious. It's also full of terrific live music. This was the 6th year for this show and I hope that it will be back again next year.  Definitely worth a return visit. I wished we had taken the boys to the panto Jack and the Beanstalk as well, but I had thought it was aimed at younger kids. I should have known better. In the tradition of the British Panto there was plenty for all levels of comprehension. The innuendo-laced parts of the script went well over the heads of the younger audience members and the older members had a great time laughing. The kids were kept well entertained by the general silliness and Star Wars references. Another great choice and since this was the Park's third Panto, I hope to catch next season's, as well. But next year I will take the boys, too!


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