Why Artistic Directors choose the plays they choose...

Tonight I will be attending and to some degree participating in the following event:
YEG Reading & Panel Discussion - July 4, 2015 - (7 pm)The Space - Casavant Productions - 6776 - 99th Street - Edmonton
Come and join us for our final event of the inaugural APN RBC Emerging Artist Mentorship Program.
The event features a panel discussion with Edmonton Artistic Directors entitled "What Was I Thinking?". Panelists John Hudson(AD - Shadow Theatre), Heather Inglis (AD - Theatre YES) & Bradley Moss (AD - Theatre Network) will be discussing what goes into the selection of works for presentation at their theatre.
Following the panel discussion there will be staged readings of excerpts from the plays that were created as part of the mentorship program. Readings from Sarah C. Louise, Alison Neuman, & Kristen M. Finlay.
This event is open to the public, but seating is limited. To RSVP please email: trevor@albertaplaywrights.com
Despite being incredibly busy (perhaps too busy) I participated in the APN RBC Emerging Artist Mentorship Program this spring.  I was mentored by Kim McCaw and we had terrific conversations that I've taken as jumping off points for two scripts and hopefully many more to come.  There were fabulous tips and suggestions that made me think differently about what I was writing.  I'm having a section from my script The Water Beneath Her Feet read, and although I have a long way to go on that script, it was good to get back into it. I have a feeling that this is one of those scripts that will take me many years to finish.  It was great to have someone else look at what I had and ask me the right questions to get me moving on it again. We also talked about The Easy Road and I am so excited about what I want to do with that script now.  I have worked a lot on that script and it is probably the closest to production, but it is amazing what having a different set of eyes look at it can do (someone outside the workshop experience). When you are knee deep in something it can be hard to see it in a different way.  Kim's questions have energized me on this and as soon as Fringe is done I will be jumping back into it with both feet! 
Anyhow, feel free to come by tonight.  I am looking forward to the panel and am a little nervous about the reading, but it would be good to see you there!


Finster said…
Post Script: The reading went really well. I loved hearing the other two plays - both very different, but engaging - kudos to Sarah and Alison! The actors, Lora Brovole, Jenny McKillop, Vincent Fortier and Trevor Rueger really did a terrific job serving the scripts! I was very pleased with how mine sounded and it is nice to have the 'voices' as it will help me move forward.

I also really found the panel discussion from the 3 ADs valuable. They talked very candidly about their process for choosing scripts. I'm not sure if I am closer to having one of my plays on their stages, but the insight is appreciated... who knows?

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