My Trip to the No-so-Far-East! Chocolate Tour of Toronto!

One of the really cool things my sister lined up for us while I was in Toronto was the Chocolate Tour. It involved visits to 5 bakeries with a focus on chocolate.  We walked around downtown Toronto from place to place and were treated to background information from our terrific tour guide, Kate, as well a a treat at each place.

First was Forno Cultura, an Italian bakery, where we had a two bite chocolate olive oil cake.  Each cake had at least one black olive in it.  It was a wonderful combination of salty and sweet.  I did not eat the olive, but as I ate closer to it, I could really see how it was a good mix of flavours.

Our second stop was Delysèes, a french bakery.  I think I could have spent all day in there.  We were treated to 2 macarons of our choosing.  I chose salted caramel and raspberry butter-cream.  Both were delicious and for those of us in Edmonton, they were of Duchess Bakery quality.  I also purchased one of their croissants which reputed to be the best in Toronto.  After having eaten it, I can certainly believe that! My sister bought one of their little sandwiches and it was also delicious.

Next was Dufflet.  Apparently they supply most of the restaurants in Toronto with cakes and you can see and taste why.  We were treated to the world's best chocolate brownie.  I saved my brownie for later because at this point my blood sugar level was already pretty high, but it was wonderful.  Not content with just a rich brownie with chocolate icing, there was a layer of chocolate flakes or bits in between the two giving it texture and even more chocolaty goodness.

Just a little ways away was our 4th stop, Dlish, named Toronto's Best Cupcake by NOW Magazine. This one had to be taken to go as well, but the Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing I chose was well worth the wait! When I ate it later that evening I had planned to just eat half and save the other half for later but that proved to be impossible to do. So very yummy! If I lived in Toronto it might be hard not to go there on a weekly basis...

Our final stop was Nedège, another french bakery, but very different from the other.  Here we ended our trip with a lovely chocolate.  I chose raspberry again because I love raspberry with chocolate. The cakes in the display were little works of art, no doubt as delicious as they are beautiful.  I also bought a chocolate bar to bring home to the boys.  Gibson is wisely pacing himself in consuming his bar, but Oliver ate the whole thing the first day home...


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