An Alberta Family Fun Vacation! Woo!

This past Easter weekend we closed up the store and headed to Jasper for a few days, just the family.  It was really nice.  We stayed at the Sawridge, which was very comfortable, with nice restaurants, and a pool which was a big highlight for the boys.  It was a quick trip, but there is something about the mountain air that recharges me.

We got in Friday evening, had a little supper, and then went for a little walk towards the town.  It was a bit rainy so we retreated to the hotel where we settled in and played charades and taboo like games (it's an App on my husband's iPad and it's terrific).  We even got the electronics obsessed 12 year-old involved by playing the video game and Pokémon categories! Then we snuggled in and watched Frozen on the hotel TV.  My older son and husband hadn't seen it before so this seemed like the right time.  I liked it just as much the second time!

On Saturday we started with a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel and then headed into town for a little exploration.  I like Jasper and it was nice to window shop a bit.  We also checked out the VIA rail station which is like a mini-museum in some respects. The boys, however, wanted to get to the wilderness, so we drove up to Lac Beauvert and hiked around the lake.  we got some great walking in and wanted to try and make it to the JPL, but the little guy kiboshed that and we instead headed back to the van.  He was just not able to walk too much more (late night, tired camper!).  We instead headed back to Jasper where we grabbed some Pizza before returning to the hotel to make good use of the hotel's pool.  Mark caught a nap and I read while the boys played and swam.  I think they could easily have stayed in the pool for hours and hours. 

The next morning was Easter and the boys woke up to an Egg Hunt in the room, followed by an Egg Hunt in the hotel.  They got a lot of chocolate, luckily not much that I like.  The Easter Bunny was smart about that! After all the hunting we hit the road and drove back to Edmonton for Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's with family and yet another Egg Hunt. 

It was nice to have this little mini-vacation and to enjoy one of our Province's treasures.  We have gone to Drumheller before, and I think next I would like to take them to Banff.  So much wonderful to see!


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