Everyone's Wild About Mary! Poppins, that is!

Mary Poppins

Tomorrow night is Opening Night for Disney's Mary Poppins at the Citadel Theatre, which means, for me, that this is an incredibly busy week.  In the midst of the preparations, however, I am really enjoying what I have been hearing from people who have seen the show in previews. 

A friend of mine wrote on FB today: Go see Mary Poppins at the Citadel Theatre! It's entertaining and magical (great use of stage and props)! I smiled, laughed, and applauded throughout the performance. You are never too old to have a happy childhood and Mary Poppins just might get you there. Small problems in moving complicated stage pieces around, but that happens in live theatre. 5/5

And on Twitter I've read the following:

Kevin Pennyfeather ‏@Legokid3000 1h       
The ’s Mary Poppins is a "practically perfect" show that should be required viewing for fans

mm diaz ‏@akomuzikera 16h 

Intermission at Mary Poppins. Ah the pure magic of live theatre. Really enjoyable show. This MP productn > WSS tour @citadeltheatre

It's very exciting to be getting ready for a show that already has so much buzz.  I have been lucky enough to see a few sections of the show and I am totally in love with the numbers Step in Time and SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC.  I can't wait to see them again!  It's a hot ticket folks!  The Box Office has been buzzing - I'd buy sooner, rather than later if I were you!


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