Planning for the New Year in Theatre...

Well, as we wrap up one year, it means that we need to think ahead about what we want to see next... don't we? Well, I do... It's good to take this lull and think about what is coming up that interests us and as always, there are a lot of possibilities.  I know I won't make it to all of them, but I am going to try!

So let's start with January 2014!

There are quite a few shows on in town this January.  I'm gearing up for Clybourne Park and Hawksley Workman's The God That Comes at the Citadel.  Both have been on my radar as things I was looking forward to for awhile.  Clybourne Park because of my Tony-obsession, and The God That Comes because I had heard good things about it from when it was in Calgary last season. I'm also hoping to catch Theatre Yes' The Elevator Project at Canoe Festival this January. I missed it last time because of simply having too many things to do when it was on.  I know it will be new stories but the concept fascinates me so I really want to get to it this time around.  For those of you who caught it in the fall, the plays are all new so it's worth your while. I'm also hoping to catch Plain Jane Theatre Co.'s Mack & Mabel in Concert.  I really liked Little Fish at the Fringe this summer and am hoping for more of the same.  I'm also liking that there are more professional theatre companies doing musicals. 

That's only four... if I am lucky I will also make it to A Bronte Burlesque at Theatre Network.  I saw this at Fringe a few years ago and I am hoping that, like The Tudor Queens, it will be even better in a space with better sightlines and space to move.  I thought the script was quite good and would like to see it in a better space. At Shadow Theatre, Marie Antoinette, Colour of Flesh also looks intriguing, so I hope to catch that, as well. With no show in rehearsal I should be able to!

I'll also be keeping my ear to the ground for some of the yet unadvertised University Projects.  I quite enjoyed the ones I got to last year so I hope to make it out to more this year!

I haven't set a 2014 Theatre Goal yet - I started one last year, but stopped counting.  I am pretty sure that I made my goal.  I think my goal this year will be to continue to challenge myself by seeing a variety of things. I'm pretty sure I will hit a minimum of 40 shows... that actually sounds a little low.  I think also, that I will try to take theatre newbies out more.  If I can get a few more people addicted that can only be good!


Unknown said…
That sounds like quite the amount of shows you will be attending! The Edmonton Theatre industry is lucky to have you supporting so many of our shows, thank you!

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