Closing Night... and On to the Next Thing... But First... A Wee Break!

We closed the show last night.  It was a great show with a fabulous audience and like most closing nights it had that feeling in the air of something extra special.  Overall, it was a great experience for me as a director.  I had a couple issues with actors not trusting my vision, but it all came together. I think when people have been allowed to do whatever they feel like in the past, they have a hard time cultivating discipline when asked to.  Sometimes it takes longer for people to trust the Director and you do what you can to earn it, but you can't always compel it to happen.  All I can do is work hard and work in excellence and let my work speak for my skills. I know that the show was very good and underneath the laughter causing moments there was a real truth, so that made me very happy, and it made many people cry. An added bonus was meeting new wonderful people who I will hopefully get to work with again and working with some favorites from the past.  It's always good when you surround yourself with great people. I take a break from musicals for a little while as I move on to other projects, but I do have my ear to the ground for a good option or two that I can coerce the Magnificent Sally Hunt to work with me on!  If the Fabulous Jake Hastey joins us, I certainly won't argue against that! We ended the show in fine form, strike was remarkably fast, and then wrapped it up with a party around the campfire!  It was nice to socialize and relax and enjoy each other's company.

I do have another project on the horizon.  I will be directing Death Comes to Auntie Norma at the Edmonton Fringe this summer.  I now have to knuckle down and construct a schedule for that. I also have to do the books for From Cradle to Stage at Walterdale.  I did feel a weight lift off my shoulders when I woke up this morning, but now, thinking about the things I stall have to do, I am starting to feel it again!  Oh well, I have to get the books done today or tomorrow and same with the schedule, because on Wednesday I am off to Toronto to visit my sister!  It is a much needed trip away and it will be nice to go and not be responsible for anything!


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