I Want to Be in A Play... Where Can I find Auditions?

A little over a week ago I was listening to my messages on the phone when the caller says something pretty close to the following:

Hi, I'm ________.  I got your name from a friend of mine.  I just moved back to 
Edmonton from ______ and I live in the Whyte Avenue area and I really want to 
get into acting again.  My friend said that you know everything about auditions and 
stuff, so I was hoping you could help me out. 

I probably don't know everything, but I do like to keep my ear to the ground so to speak, so I called back and left a message but haven't heard back from him. This is not the first time I have gotten a request for this kind of information and while I don't think I know everything, I do think that I am pretty good at getting back to people with useful tips and point them in the right direction.   Since I get these questions, it got me thinking.  I do know where to look for auditions and maybe some people don't know the resources that are out there so I thought I would provide some useful links and tips for finding auditions at a variety of levels.

The first place I would go for general audition information is the Theatre Alberta Classifieds.  These not only have auditions information, but also information on jobs, submissions, workshops, etc... It can be searched by type of ad and by location.  I go there a couple of times a month minimum to see what is new.  You can also like Theatre Alberta's FB page and you will get new notices from classifieds in your feed. Now, I am not just saying this because I am on the theatre Alberta Board - i was using these resources long before I joined the Board, in fact, it is because of these kinds of services that I was drawn to Theatre Alberta to begin with.  I personally don't know how you can do theatre n Alberta (professional, community, education) and not be a member - I know that it has provided me with many resources over the years.

Another place you can check out is the FB Group Edmonton Auditions.  It's manager collates auditions notices from the area and you might not have to search as much if you go there. If you join, you can also post your own auditions in the group to share with it's members.

Next you can go directly to theatres to check out what they have coming up.  People who know me know that I have a major connection with Walterdale Playhouse.  Currently they are booking people for Anything Goes, which goes up in July. They have auditions six times a year for a variety of different shows and they update their current auditions page to feature whatever is coming up next. Walterdale is a community theatre but has a very high quality of production and welcomes new and returning members.

There are many other community and independent theatres that you can check out in the Edmonton Area: ELOPE, Two One Way Tickets to Broadway, Sherard Musical Theatre Association, Festival Players, Horizon Players, and many more.  Most of these groups have FB Pages and will also advertise in Theatre Alberta's Classifieds. A note - Two One Way is currently booking auditions for The Full Monty so click that link if you want to check that out.

If you want to check out the professional theatre opportunities in town, many of them will start having generals in the spring.  What I find best is to find the theatres in town you are interested in and follow thems on FB or Twitter and watch the feeds.  Check out their websites.  There are many theatres in town and each has their own aesthetic and feel.  I encourage you to sample widely to see what you connect to most strongly and then investigate those for their generals.  Currently The Citadel is accepting submissions for their Generals, but you might have to act fast on those.

There are many other ways - this is just a starting point - the best thing to do is just start looking.  I generally find there are more things I want to go out for than I am able to and once you get involved you will make connections for the next project.


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