The Misanthrope Makes Me a Philanthrope!

Reflections on The Misanthrope Experience. 

I have had such a wonderful time working with this cast and crew.  I have met so many wonderful people and been inspired by their dedication to do good work on the stage and with each other.  I regained a sense of silliness and joy with them that I haven't had in a while (at least as an actor).  The newer actors in the cast made me revisit my early days on the stage.  The one who bailed us out when we lost a cast member made me appreciate the spirit of the show must go on and there are no small roles. Working with Afton made me realize how lazy I can be and because of her phenomenal hard work I pushed myself to be more present. It is hard to express how much I value that. It can be too easy to go through the motions and thanks to her example, I never felt like I was. It was also so lovely to share the stage with some fabulous emerging artists like Zachary, Brennan and Amanda and I hope to see them in lots more stuff and (cross fingers) work with them again.  The main thing is, I got to work with some great people onstage and from our joy-filled ridiculous warm-up every night, to our creative sign-in sheet, to getting laced up every night up to bows and the Act afterwards, this has been great. I also enjoyed being a part of Janine's first directing gig at Walterdale.  I am glad she got to work with this group and tackle this challenge (because it wasn't an easy script).

Anyhow, I leave The Misanthrope a Pilanthrope, and that feels good.


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