Dinner and a Show - Packrat Louie and Jack Goes Boating at Shadow Theatre

Went for dinner with AM tonight saw Jack Goes Boating at Shadow Theatre (Varscona). We started with our wonderful meal at Packrat Louie where we shared wine and talked of many things. We ended the meal with yummy desserts (we don't always have dessert, but it seemed impossible to resist). I had the Lime and Lemon Meringue and AM had the Chocolate Pistachio Tart.  So, so, so good.

After supper we walked down to the Varscona and settled in for Jack Goes Boating.  It was a quirky little comedy which we both quite liked.  I really, really enjoyed Garrett Ross as Jack.  I have seen him onstage three times in the last few months in three very different roles and I am very impressed with his ability to create complete and convincing characters.  There is something that he does internally that really makes you believe that he is these different people.  He has a subtlety to his work that I have quite enjoyed. The whole cast (Shawna Burnett, Frank Zotter, and Mabelle Carvajal) works as a tight ensemble.  It's not a 'big ideas' play, but the four of them commit so well to creating and belonging in the world of the play, that you really care about what happens. The ending, in particular, is oh so satisfying.  The simple set is used well and the transitions from scene to scene maintain a sense of character and follow-through that was very elegant.  The script itself is written in a very cinematic style (realistic dialogue, short scenes, moments like snapshots) and they did a great job making it work on a stage. Anyhow, we liked it. It runs until November 25th, so you have a week to catch it!


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