Evaluation - Follow-up

I had a delightful, shocking surprise the other day. My prof from Drama had sent out an email message to the class saying that the highest mark in the class was a B+. I hoped for a B since I blew the midterm so badly. A B+ was mathematically possible, but only if I'd aced everything afterward. I wasn't holding out hope. THEN, later that week, I got another personal email from the prof telling me that the mark on my mark sheet that had been mailed out to me was B+, BUT she had actually increased the mark to A- because of my marked growth and improvement in the course. She apparently has discretion to bump marks up even if they aren't mathematically supported if she feels it is warranted. I AM IN SHOCK. I am pleased. I have heard that they never give As in Drama 150 as a general rule. I am enjoying this early Christmas present and am again grateful for the group that I worked with on my final project because I know that really helped.


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